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5 Steps to setting up your Lleswyl Watch Party

Firstly, thank you for planning a Lleswyl watch party. By hosting this event, you are helping us build emotional support for those living with physical illness and isolated. Now, on to the party and the logistics!

A watch party is a social gathering or event where a group of people come together to watch something collectively – think Eurovision, the Oscars or even the season finale of a long-running TV show. The party can happen all under one roof, or virtually. Our event is suitable for all and will last 3 hours.

Time: Friday 23rd February, 19:00 – 22:00
Location: Lleswyl will be live streamed on our Lleswyl 2024 – YouTube channel.
Let’s get organising:

Pick a place
Your watch party venue – it could be your front room, a hospital ward, a community centre, your school or online … you choose!

Register for free
Sign-up for the event – register on Eventbrite to make sure you get sent full instructions for the big night.

Plan your party
Create your plan for the night – we’ll provide the entertainment, you sort the dress code, catering and vibe! (Order your merch: )

Send your invites
Reach out to people – this is crucial, we urge you to reach out to people that are often excluded because of illness and encourage them to join your event.

Start the party
Set up your screens – get everyone assembled and then open the live stream on YouTube at 19:00 – Lleswyl 2024 – YouTube

More information about how this will work:
Please do contact us if you’d like any more information, and don’t forget to share your party with us on the night via social media.
Use the hashtag #Lleswyl2024 to keep us in the loop.