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Nephrology Quiet Room at University Hospital of Wales


Quiet Rooms in hospitals are very important spaces. They are the rooms that are used, as much as possible, for patient and family conversations with clinical teams.

They are the rooms were often the toughest of conversations take place, clinical staff discussing with families serious deterioration in health, or the need for additional important interventions as well as, tragically, conversations about palliative care.

Such conversations are not only clinical, but they are hugely emotional and the need for a comforting and comfortable room (a safe haven) is essential. It helps everyone acknowledge their emotions and express fears and grief.

Such conversations are challenging too for the staff; they too appreciate the space. At times, staff too feel overwhelmed and appreciate a comforting safe space for some time out to support their emotional wellbeing also.

The Quiet Room in Nephrology is as important as any others in different directorates. It has been a very gloomy, sad, and tired looking room complete with sagging chairs too and we have been really pleased to be able to turn it into a comfortable and comforting safe space. Dr Helen Jeffries, Nephrology and Dialysis Consultant, at Cardiff and Vale Health Board said:

“What a wonderful improvement! The refurbished quiet room is modern and thoughtfully furnished, it is now a welcoming and comfortable private space for patients and relatives to spend time and to have important conversations about their health and care with the Renal team. Thank you so much for the transformation!”

Our gallery of photos below takes you from ‘Before’, through ‘Work Underway’ to ‘Completion’:


Nephrology Quiet Room at University Hospital of Wales


Daring to Dream has been delighted to complete this room and to help support the emotional health and wellbeing of renal patients, their families, and the staff who care for them.

Following our improvements to the Relatives’ Room and Quiet Room in Critical Care at University Hospital of Wales (UHW), Dr Julie Highfield explained just how important the room transformations are in supporting emotional wellbeing.

Dr Julie Highfield is Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Lead Psychologist for the ICU and MTC Psychology Team, University Hospital of Wales.