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Daring to Dream is delighted to announce that, with support from The National Lottery Community Fund in Wales, the charity has now finalised the  transformation of three more rooms in the Cardiothoracic Directorate at University Hospital of Wales. This week has seen the completion of the Cardiac Day Case Unit (CDCU), as well as our recent transformation of Ward B1 Patients’ Day Room and Out Patients’ Department Quiet Room. These room makeovers ensure the charity continues to fulfil its aim to support the emotional health and wellbeing of patients living with physical illness in Wales.

This room transformation is the eighth they have completed, during the pandemic. A fantastic achievement.

And what a transformation!

Ceri Phillips, Lead Nurse, Cardiothoracic Services said ‘As a Cardiothoracic Directorate we are delighted and extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work collaboratively with the Daring to Dream charity over the last two years or so to transform our patient and staff visitors and rest rooms. It has been an extremely challenging two years for everyone personally and professionally, but with the support and investment from the charity during this time, this has provided positivity and a boost to everyone’s moral.

The refurbishment of these rooms will contribute significantly to the positive patient experience and increased staff moral and the feeling of being valued. We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Barbara as if it was not for her passion, drive, and tenacity these plans would not have come to life.

We very much look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with Daring to Dream in the future to improve patient experience within the Cardiothoracic Directorate.’

Barbara Chidgey, Chair at Daring to Dream said: “The emotional demand of being chronically, seriously, or critically ill, is on top of the immense physical demands generated by the ill-health itself. For a patient to respond as well as possible on a physical level to their health challenges, it is essential that they also dig deep emotionally.

At Daring to Dream, we are delighted with the transformation of each of these additional three rooms, they are really different and individual. They look lovely and non-clinical. The rooms are comforting, comfortable and such important safe spaces for emotional discussions, relaxation and wellbeing support.

We wish to thank The National Lottery Community Fund in Wales for their support as well as all those who play the lottery and hence provide the funds for the financial support of charities across Wales.”

Daring to Dream’s charitable purpose is to support the emotional health and wellbeing of adult patients in Wales, who live with physical illness(es), and are under the care of hospital clinics across Wales. The charity does this by:

– Raising awareness of the need for support of emotional health and wellbeing for all patients in Wales

– Providing that support through the creation of non-clinical ‘safe havens’ in hospitals for patients, their relatives and the staff who care for them

– Facilitates services and activities that support the wellbeing of patients (be they at home or in hospital), including its annual live-streamed Lleswyl (Wellbeing) festival.