How we do it

The Daring to Dream fund supports and promotes the emotional health and well-being of adult* (those aged 16 years and above) patients (both those on wards and then as they become out-patients) in Cardiff & Vale University Health Board (primarily but not exclusively).

fundraising dinners

Fundraising dinners

The fund makes grants directly into a designated cost centre within the Health Board (or a Care Home), so that all purchases and provision of services are handled by the Health Board (or Care Home), completely via their own regulatory processes. The trustees will monitor the use of the grants to ensure allocated funds are used as intended.

Daring to Dream will achieve its stated aims by raising funds, applying for grants, promoting regular giving, being the recipient of bequests, developing partnerships with businesses and other appropriate ways.

Fundraising methods will all be approved by trustees and follow the Code of Fundraising Practice; funds will be raised via a variety of means including:

  • Regular giving
  • Campaigns, driven forward by Daring to Dream and also by individuals for sponsored activities
  • Fund raising events such as a Ball or dinner
  • Online fund-raising events
  • Other appropriate fund-raising methods
  • Legacies



Sponsored activities