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How we do it

Daring to Dream raises funds by:
1. Successful grant applications
2. Donations via individual and organisational campaigns
3. Reclaiming Gift Aid
4. Corporate support and sponsorship
5. Fundraising events
6. We also promote legacy bequests

The funds raised are used to support the delivery of our charitable activities.
The trustees monitor the financial health of the charity, ensuring allocated funds are used as intended.

We have a very effective digital presence to support our fundraising, using online platforms and encouraging donors to use these and add Gift Aid. Individual fundraisers are encouraged to set up their campaign via our Just Giving link

Gift Aid is reclaimed regularly.

Fundraising methods are approved by trustees and follow the Code of Fundraising Practice; funds are raised via a variety of means including:
• One-off donations
• Regular giving
• Campaigns, driven forward by Daring to Dream
• Campaigns by individuals for sponsored activities
• Fund raising events such as a Ball or dinner
• Developing partnerships with businesses
• Other appropriate fund-raising methods
• Legacies

Sponsored activities