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Following Amy’s Ball last September we have been developing different ways of providing support for the emotional health and wellbeing of young adult cardiac patients under the care of staff teams at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff.

We are delighted to be able to announce that we are now about to pilot our gifts: ‘pick-me-up gift boxes’. We hope that is just what they will be – a lovely, surprise ‘pick-me-up’!

Each gift box contains something to eat (tasty and non-allergenic crisps and sweets), something to drink (hot and cold tea, so no need to wait for the drinks trolley for hot water), something to smell with a soothing balm, some things to do, including a fun book about alternatives to being on your phone! We have even added in a notebook and pencil.

Our first gifts will be available later in August for nursing staff to give (on our behalf) to ward patients or outpatients who just need a bit of a boost, a treat to cheer them up. Each gift box arrives with love from Daring to Dream.


Our card which accompanies the boxes includes a special thanks to Amy Penn, who inspired the fundraising events that have provided these gifts.

Help us raise funds for more ‘pick-me-up gift packages’ – they cost £30 each: – maybe you can make a donation or do a small fundraiser?

Thank you so much.