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Regular Giving to Daring to Dream

Regular monthly giving is so easy to set up; it can be for any amount:
from £5 per month – £100 per month or whatever works for you!
Regular monthly giving can also be gift aided, so your donations really grow becoming:
£5 + £1.25 per month – £75 per year
£25 + £6.25 per month – £375 per year
£50 + £12.50 per month – £750 per year
£100 + £25 per month – £1,500 per year
Wow! What a difference! Small amounts add together to create large and steady amounts.

Regular monthly giving enables Daring to Dream to plan ahead and so increase our support of patients; to work with clinical areas to transform more spaces for patients and families, to schedule and pay for live and online music, to provide other services such as hairdressing.

Your donations have made such a difference: We are hugely grateful for all the generous one-off donations; however, we need to create a sustainable future and much bigger impact. Hence it is essential that we build more consistent monthly income and open the doors to the future that we dare to dream of!

For instance, it was your donations that enabled the transformation of the General Surgery Quiet Room.

And it was your donations that brought smiles to faces on Cardiothoracic Wards with the live music of Harmoni Cymru.

They will be back too!

Hamed Amiri, one of our ambassadors, talks with Dr Nav Masani about why the creation of comforting, non-clinical spaces are just so important to support wellbeing of patients, their families and also for the medical teams as well:

Harmoni Cymru