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Friday 23rd February, 19:00 – 22:00 … switch on our live-stream, assemble your loved-ones and make space to talk.

A watch party is a social gathering where a group of people come together to watch something collectively – think Eurovision, the Oscars or even the season finale of an epic TV show – and now Lleswyl. The group might gather in person; in someone’s house, a care home, a theatre or a school. Alternatively, with the rise of streaming services and online communication platforms it could be a virtual gathering. Crucially, whatever form it takes, a watch party hangs around a shared social experience and is a space for chit-chat and forensic group gossip and speculation about what’s happening on screen!

Everyone can join in and it’s the perfect place for an inclusive shared social experience.

Lleswyl Watch Parties

The Lleswyl festival will be live-streamed on YouTube from 19:00 – 22:00 on Friday February 23rd. It’s specifically designed to be consumed from the comfort of your own home, or from a hospital bed and also through watch parties, bringing together people who are isolated from social experiences by chronic illness, disability or loneliness.

This is in recognition that 1.2 million adults living in Wales are grappling daily with a physical illness. The event hopes to inspire people to create more inclusive social experiences throughout the year. Lleswyl is not just a standalone event, it is a springboard, cementing relationships between the healthy and those living with illness, providing and promoting emotional support.

Do you know people that you’d like to watch with, that aren’t nearby? Why not organise a virtual Lleswyl watch party?

Virtual Lleswyl watch party

The simplest way to watch together is for each location in your group to stream Lleswyl from YouTube on one device, then open a Zoom call, Facebook or WhatsApp chatroom on another. For example, if you’ve got a smart TV, stick YouTube on and then open your chat platform on a tablet, phone or laptop.

In addition, there are plenty of other services designed to let you watch and interact with YouTube videos on one platform, that you may wish to explore.

An online watch party will allow you to connect with loved ones that are physically distant. Using a chat space as well as watching the festival will enable discussions and reactions in real-time.

How to access Lleswyl on YouTube

YouTube provides a live streaming feature that allows users to broadcast live video content in real-time – this feature is commonly used for live events.

The festival will be broadcast from the “Lleswyl Festival” YouTube channel and the programme will go live right on 19:00. It’s easy to access, if you sign up for the event in advance, you’ll receive updates and full instructions via email. Register for the event:

The evening will be hosted live by Siân Lloyd, Jason Harrold, and Tumi Williams (BSL interpreted also). It will be the ultimate at-home festival experience. We’ve secured bands who are regulars on the festival circuit, from Green Man, Womad, Glastonbury and now Lleswyl!

In summary – five steps for an amazing watch party!

  1. Pick a place 

    Your watch party venue – it could be your front room, a hospital ward, a community centre, your school or online … you choose!
  2. Register for free

    Sign-up for the event – register on Eventbrite to make sure you get sent full instructions for the big night.
  3. Plan your party 

    Create your plan for the night – we’ll bring the entertainment you sort the dress code, catering and vibe! Don’t forget to order your merch:
  4. Send your invites 

    Reach out to people – this is crucial, we urge you to reach out to people that are often excluded, particularly because of physical illness, and encourage them to join your event.
  5. Start the party
    Set up your screens – get everyone assembled and then open the live stream on YouTube at 19:00.

We’ll be talking about the event on the night on X (Twitter) so if you, or anyone you know, organises a watch party, we’d love to see your photos and hear your stories. Use the hashtag #Lleswyl2024 to keep us in the loop.