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Welsh Ballroom Community


With Ballroom Communities all around the world, Cardiff has now become Wales first epicentre for Ballroom culture and has amassed a small but thriving community. Since its creation, Ballroom culture has played an extremely important role in American LGBTQ+ communities especially, with participants forming ‘houses’ that functioned as an extended family.

The Welsh Ballroom Community has already received international recognition since its creation during the lockdown in 2020. Founded by Leighton Rees and supported by Kyle London Tisci from The Impeccable Haus Of Tisci, the community has evolved into a vibrant celebration of queer identity in Wales and offers a safe space for people to connect and meet like-minded people.

Performing for Lleswyl 2023 from the Welsh Ballroom Community are Alia Ramna, Leighton Rees, Muz Ramzan, Tayo Sanyo and Linford Hydes.

Take a peak:

T: @WBC_Cardiff
IG: welshballroomcommunity

Festival Performance