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the gentle good

The Root Doctors

Mike Harries formed the ROOT DOCTORS in 1987, bringing together a group of both experienced and young musicians, proficient in a variety of musical styles. The ambition was to blend together a programme of jazz, blues, R’n’B, funk and all stations south.

A variety of styles are invoked, and a performance will move at a moment from the chaos of trad-jazz-from hell to Mardi Gras street funk. from blow-the back-of it-blues to in-your-face-funk, from cajuns-on-acid to hip-hop bebop. With all this they continue the jazz/blues tradition of a robust attitude to life and love. Songs range from the bawdy to the outrageous, drawn from the music’s past and coupled with original compositions by the band.

The music is laced, spiced, and embroidered with great grooves, tight ensemble work, mind-blowing solos, all delivered with an exceptional level of personal conviction. Simply the best of ingredients, strong flavours, heavy-on-the-spice and all cooked in a rich and satisfying gumbo.

In their music and their ideas, the ROOT DOCTORS are a gloriously free spirit, so the best advice is to keep an open mind. Lie back and enjoy yourself.

Facebook handle is: @TheRootDoctorsWales

Festival Performance