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Ify Iwobi

Ify Iwobi

Swansea born Ify Iwobi is an Award Winning Welsh/Nigerian Classical/Contemporary Pianist, Songwriter, Composer and Producer. She studied Music Performance at Brunel University in London.

Ify has performed throughout Wales and has also performed internationally in London, America, and Nigeria. Ify composes her own original works; in 2020 and 2021, BBC Radio Wales designated Ify a BBC Radio Wales Welsh A-List Artist.

Releases have included ‘Flying High,’ her album ‘Illuminate’, EP ‘Bossin’ It,’ ‘Solo’ ft Luna Lie Lot and ‘We Won’t Forget’ ft Black History Wales Artists. Two of her‘ Bossin’ It’ EP tracks ‘Love Rapsody’ (ft Anwar Siziba) and ‘Thinking About You’ (ft Jinmi Abduls) have been A Listed on BBC Radio Wales. ‘Solo’ ft Luna Lie Lot has also been A Listed.

In 2021, Ify composed an award winning tribute track for the NHS and COVID 19 victims of the pandemic.

Comments from BBC Radio Wales presenters have included:
Wynne Evans: ‘Absolutely stunning!’ (Thinking About You: Ify Iwobi ft Jinmi Abduls) BBC Radio Wales
Jason Mohammed: ‘Absolutely love it!’ (Love Rapsody: Ify Iwobi ft Anwar Siziba) BBC Radio Wales.

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