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Alli Gemini

Alli Gemini – is a singer/songwriter who lives near Abergavenny in South Wales.  Alli Gemini has grown a huge fan base across all social media platforms with more than 3,000 followers.  Alli Gemini music has generated worldwide airplay from radio stations  in Wales, Canada, US and Australia. Alli Gemini’s releases are currently on 19 different Spotify playlists including Ditto Music Chartbreaker Playlist: The Best New Independent Music with more than 19,000 listeners.

Alli Gemini’s greatest achievement is writing her debut song Beautiful Lady in September 2020 during the first wave of the pandemic. The song is a tribute piano led ballad written about a close family friend.  Beautiful Lady co-written by Alli and Nina Sundstrom released via Ditto music. Since then Alli Gemini has co-written an environmental protection track Tornado distributed via Ditto music and Alli’s retro upbeat track Cariad yw Cymru (Wales is love) distributed again via ditto music. Alli will be releasing her debut EP featuring all three tracks and her new country inspired track “Wings” in October 2022.

Wings is a cross over Country and Pop genre. “The song is about someone being unable to do something, but for one day that person’s dreams become reality.”

Alli’s debut EP ‘Songs from Heart’ was released on 7th November 2022 and features the songs Wings, Beautiful Lady Orchestral mix, Tornado and Cariad Yw Cymru.

Alli is excited to be performing at this year’s Llewsyl Festival for the charity Daring to Dream.

Have a peak at Alli & Gaby recording for Lleswyl 2023:
Alli Gemini & Gaby Ebbens from Daring to Dream on Vimeo.

Get in touch with Alli

Twitter: @alli_gemini
Instagram: @alligemini

Festival Performance