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About Us


Daring to Dream’s mission is to support the emotional health and wellbeing of patients, aged 16 years and over, who are under the care of hospital clinics across Wales. It has a primary (but not exclusive) focus in supporting both ward-based and community-based patients within the geographical area covered by Cardiff & the Vale University Health Board.

Critical, chronic, and life-shortening health conditions are hugely emotionally demanding of all patients. This emotional demand is on top of the immense physical ones generated by the ill-health itself. Therefore, as a patient, in order to respond as well as possible on a physical level to our personal health challenges, it is essential that we also dig deep emotionally.

Daring to Dream supports patients’ emotional wellbeing by providing items (e.g. headphones), activities (musical interludes), services (hairdressing) and improved facilities for patients and for their families

By supporting the well-being of patients in this way, Daring to Dream adds value to the clinical expertise, care and medical interventions provided by the specialist teams.

We wish to encourage patients to move into a position where they manage their condition, rather than having their condition manage them.

We want to help patients dare to dream that their life can still be full of making their sometimes seemingly impossible dreams really happen.

We hope you too will dig deep and become part of our mission.

Thank you so much for your support.
Barbara Chidgey
Chair, Daring to Dream