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As the curtains draw to a close on Lleswyl 2024, I find myself filled with immense gratitude and a heart brimming with joy.

Lleswyl, Daring to Dream’s Wellbeing Festival, has been nothing short of magical. It’s been an evening filled with upliftment, joy, and unforgettable moments.

As a member of the Ray of Light Warblers choir, I feel privileged to have been a part of this extraordinary experience.

Our Choir would also like to express their gratitude for the opportunity to experience the recording studio that added an extra layer of magic to our journey with Lleswyl 2024.

From the comfort of our homes, surrounded by family and friends, we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the beauty of Lleswyl. The energy, the enthusiasm, and the spirit of community transcended the virtual realm, touching each and every one of us in profound ways.

We want to extend a special mention to Barbara, for her dedication, and tireless efforts in co-ordinating Lleswyl. Barbara, you are the heart and soul of this event, and it’s your passion and commitment that have made Lleswyl a truly unforgettable experience. Your meticulous planning, attention to detail, and unwavering enthusiasm have created a space where dreams come to life and where joy knows no bounds. Thank you.

To Daring to Dream and everyone involved in making Lleswyl 2024 a reality, thank you.

Thank you for inspiring us to reach for the stars, and for reminding us of the beauty and power of community.

With deepest gratitude and warmest wishes, Sue Norris (Operational Director, Ray of Light Wales Cancer Support)

Extract from Lleswyl 2024

This video showcases the work and services of Ray of Light Wales Cancer Support and how they are changing people’s lives. The video was shown in Lleswyl 2024 and includes Ray of Light Warblers choir singing ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy!’

View Lleswyl 2024 in full on our YouTube channel of the same name