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How is Daring to Dream seeking to support the emotional health and wellbeing of adults in Wales living with physical illness?


Emotional space to talk about long-term health issues:

Firstly, the charity raises awareness of the need to support emotional health of adults in Wales living with illness. We encourage everyone to give those we are close to, the space (literally) for them to talk about and express their emotions relating to diagnosis, treatments, and the daily impact of living with health issues.

Physical space that support those tough conversations:

Secondly, the charity is ‘making space to talk’ by creating interior designed, comfortable, and comforting Quiet Rooms, Relatives’ Rooms, and Patient Day Rooms in hospitals ……… spaces that enable and support tough and emotional conversations. Spaces within which family members can comfort each other and also have a place to take time to step back from supporting their loved ones.

Social space that supports people to enjoy life to the fullest:

Thirdly the message we promote via Lleswyl, (our flagship and free wellbeing festival) is about encouraging us all to ‘make space to talk’ for those we know who are living with illness. We want Lleswyl and its Watch Parties to encourage us all to ensure we regularly include and make time and space for those we know, living with illness, so that they can talk about their feelings. By so doing, we enable them to name their emotions, express them in our shared safe space, and leave them able to then focus on and choose what they really want to do to enjoy their life to the fullest (within the challenges of illness).

Daring to Dream wishes to thank The National Lottery Community Fund Wales for their support for encouraging making space to talk within the communities of those living with illness in Wales.