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This project developed from simply the Quiet Room (on A3) to include the Relatives’ Room (on B3) also. It has been slower to progress, owing to covid-related pressures on staff and facilities. However, the time is now right we are glad to say!

The Quiet Room is a safe space, a cwtsh, for the very tough (and all too frequent) clinician / family conversations about their loved one, for the family member(s) to discuss freely, and to grieve.

The Relatives’ Room provides a separate safe haven to allow family member(s) to rest, whilst the clinical team is providing treatment for their loved one, to talk to each other; it’s a much needed wellbeing space in a non-clinical environment.

Both rooms, when not needed for medical conversations and as a place for grief or rest, are also available as additional staff wellbeing spaces.

Rachel Fletcher of John Lewis & Partners Home Design Team Cardiff deigned the rooms: “It’s been a pleasure to continue to work with Daring to Dream to now present the plans for both The Quiet Room & The Relatives Room. I hope these rooms become an emotionally comforting space for where tough conversations will take place. I wanted to give both the rooms a calming feel, a place where people can rest before returning to support a loved one and also providing a space that can offer a ‘breather’ to a member of staff. I am really looking forward to seeing the rooms transformed, benefiting those who will use them.”



Quiet Room mood boards:



Relatives Room mood boards:

We are hopeful that both rooms will be set up during August.

Our sincere thanks to all those who have donated, for the hard work and support of the members of the Critical Care team and also to Rachel at John Lewis & Partners Home Design Team, Cardiff.

Julie Highfield, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Critical Care, University Hospital of Wales said “A quiet space to retreat for our families and our staff is so important. The nature of that space is key to their experience and can make a positive difference when they need it. We are so grateful to Daring to Dream for their support of the redecoration of these spaces on our critical care. Thank you”

These rooms will help support and comfort families and medical teams during tough times and conversations, as well as provide additional wellbeing spaces for staff. Diolch yn fawr iawn!