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Over the years, being in hospital and seeing your loved one battling to stay alive is draining for anyone. You do not realise the impact it has on you as you are trying your hardest to be strong for them and somehow contain your emotions. At times, the word and place “Hospital” can feel as though it is a daunting place to be.

This is why emotional support for patients but also for their families is crucial; it allows people to see the true colours of Hospital, which is in fact a place filled with love and care. Love and care from nurses and doctors who have dedicated their life to looking after their patients, but also from families who are by the side of their loved ones helping them to get through the tough times ahead.

Hospital became our second home over the years as our brother battled with his heart condition, going into the same waiting room. Each time we were there we were filled with the same emotions as previously; that experience really did take its toll on us all. We were reminded of the previous episodes and close calls; no matter how hard we tried, it felt as if we walked into the same four walls, fighting the same battle of emotions all over again.

In 2018 when our brother said his final goodbye before passing away, he was surrounded by family as well as by everyone who had cared for him over the years from nurses to doctors.

His dream of patient experience kick-started an idea led by the same nurses who cared for him; they were inspired to organise a running-fundraiser to support, particularly, younger cardiac patients.

That initial desire and first step to provide additional emotional well-being support for patients fed into the creation of this charity, Daring to Dream. It has been amazing to personally see the physical change but also the emotional state of patients. The relatives’ rooms now radiate positivity and also hope.

Hope is something that we really understand is crucial for both families and patients as they go through their personal battles in hospital.

Hamed and Hessam Amiri

Team ACHD October 2018

nav masani and sophie howe

Hussein, Hessam (front) with Hamed at the back